Policy Positions

Currently, we do not have a Canadians with Disabilities Act to further push issues such as accessibility of buildings to the forefront. This is literally leaving many Canadians “out”.

We also do not have a Guaranteed Annual Income. It does not make sense to expect people to thrive when they are worried about their next meal. According to Abraham Maslow, the pioneer of psychological motivational behaviour, our human journey is about reaching our full potential and being connected with the world, but our basic needs must be met before higher level needs can be met. If this is true, then, without a Guaranteed Annual Income we are severely limiting the human potential of many Canadians.

Poverty rates of Canadians with disabilities result in large part from the lack of needed disability supports, which enable access to education, training, employment, and community participation.

Canadians with disabilities are too often exiled to inadequate, stigmatizing, and ineffective systems of income support that were never designed to address the real income needs of Canadians with disabilities.” (Green vision, 4.10.2 people with disabilities)

This is not only a shame, it is a waste of human capital. We need to invest in a decent secure income system allows people to move on from barely meeting their survival needs. It makes economic sense as a sustainable investment.

We endorse the Basic Income Program proposed by the Caledon Institute, which asserts that, when all factors are taken into account, the program will actually save the government money. We urge the adoption of this income security program for people with disabilities as soon as possible as an interim measure until a full poverty eradication federal-provincial program is established to provide for income security for all Canadians.” (Green vision, 4.10.2 people with disabilities

I believe in Proportional Representation. Our current First Pass the Post voting system is old and unfair. Voter turn-out would likely increase if our system reflected what the people voted for instead of this “winner take all” system that has voters shaking their heads and avoiding the polls.