On being "disabled"

I have often wondered what the term “disabled” actually means. Asking the existential question: is it something that “is” or is it something that we as a society create with barriers? If a person cannot get into a particular building, does that make the person disabled? Is it a door step, a set of stairs or several flights of stairs that disable a person's ability? What would be the human potential without those imposed limits?

Similarly, is climate change something that “is”, something that must be accepted and lived with? Or, could we say that we humans are disabling nature's efforts in the natural pattern of rebirth and regrowth over time? Inadvertently, we focus on ourselves and our immediate needs and environment. We disable nature's existence and potential by not considering the harm we may cause in others' attempts to survive and thrive.

The importance of family, community life, and respect for nature and its inhabitants are paramount for a sustainable future that includes and considers everyone.