Do You Want to Join Elizabeth and Bruce?

A fall election in 2015 is just around the corner and the Green Party is looking for it's next great candidate in Kitchener Centre? Is that person you, or do you know someone who would be a good candidate? Read on to learn how you can help with your candidate search.

The last few years has seen some important first successes for the Green Party ‎in Canada. Elizabeth May was elected in 2011, and this past year Bruce Hyer joined her as the 2nd Green in the House of Commons. Andrew Weaver was elected in British Columbia, and as well Green Party of New Brunswick leader, David Coon. Several Greens have also been elected at the municipal level such as Adrian Carr (Vancouver), David Chernushenko (Ottawa), and John Streicker (Whitehorse)

Do you want to join Elizabeth and Bruce as an elected Green MP? Running in Kitchener Centre could be your chance to do so. You would benefit from a redesigned riding that is more urban, and would also be able to build off the experience of a local core group of volunteers can help you run a great campaign.‎ Please let us know if you're interested in running by responding to this email or by contacting Do you know someone who you think would be a good candidate, and would like to encourage them to run? Please forward their name and/or contact info‎ to us and we'll meet with them to see if they're interested.

In order to meet your EDA's goals and timelines, we would appreciate hearing back from any interested candidates or referrals by Monday November 24th, 2014. We anticipate a nomination meeting being held in February 2015 which would give the approved candidate several months to establish themselves before an election is called.

Thanks again for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Your Kitchener Centre EDA Executive