Inspiring Story

Dear Green Supporter

I thought you would get inspired by this story that Johan Hamels, Executive Director, Green Party of Canada relayed to me. 

“You must be proud to be working for democracy,” the taxi driver said to Karen, one of our staff members, who had just spent 15 hours in Green Party headquarters and was exhausted and—truthfully—feeling a little sorry for herself, as she told me when she shared the story this morning.

He continued, “I am from the Ivory Coast. Yesterday, I found out that the war had come to my home village. My mother and father are alive, but they had to walk over 100 km to Liberia. Everything they own and know is gone. Because two leaders of different factions each claim to be the rightful elected ruler of our country.”

He thought for a moment, “I love Canada. It makes me happy that people who criticize the government are not taken away in the night to be killed. But I am very sad that Elizabeth May will not be allowed to talk. This is not good. Those people who stop her are like the leaders in my country—afraid to let other voices speak.”

Then he smiled widely, “But still, this country makes me hopeful!”

Hopeful. To be Green is to be hopeful. We commit time, we commit money, and we commit ourselves to creating a sustainable future. A future where all voices can speak without fear.

Every day of the year, Green Party supporters like you work for positive change. We don’t just hope; we also work. And—to speak bluntly—some of our work requires money. We use your money carefully. We spend it on those things that make the biggest impact. But we do need to ask you for it.

So far, Elizabeth’s exclusion from the leaders’ debates has forced us to focus on the true democracy aspect of our platform, but now we also want to share our vision of a smart economy and strong communities with fellow Canadians. We have a detailed, practical, and—yes—hopeful plan to build a better Canada.

Help us get the Green message out. A $150 donation now allows us to spend $300—enough to run a crucial 30-second radio spot or to produce large-print format copies of our platform for seniors’ homes.

Thank you so much for hoping and working with us. We can all be proud to be working for democracy.

It’s time.