Leaders Debates

The Old Boys’ Club is at it again. Elizabeth May has been denied entry into the televised leaders’ debates.

Since the decision all major party leader's have either said they would like her in the debate or are not against the idea.

What kind of democracy excludes a party with the support of one million of its citizens? What kind of democracy allows a handful of TV executives to decide that a party that only runs candidates in one province has more right to be in a national leaders’ debate than a party with candidates in every riding?

In the last election, your voices won Elizabeth her rightful place in the debates. We can’t believe that we have to ask you to rally on her behalf yet again. But we do.

  1. Visit http://demanddemocraticdebates.ca to sign our petition, donate, and more!
  2. Vote in CBC’s poll on whether Elizabeth should be invited to the leaders’ debates
  3. Sign the Petition at demanddemocraticdebates.ca (which is endorsed by the Green Party of Canada).
  4. Email the consortium members CBC, CTV, Global, TVA and Radio Canada.
    1. CTV: programming@ctv.ca
    2. CBC: ombudsman@cbc.ca
    3. Global TV: viewercontact.globalnational@globaltv.com
    4. TVA: info@tva.ca
    5. Radio Canada: ombudsman@radio-canada.ca
  5. Send emails to:
    1. Stephen Harper pm@pm.gc.ca,
    2. Jack Layton Layton.J@parl.gc.ca,
    3. Michael Ignatieff Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca and
    4. Gilles Duceppe Duceppe.G@parl.gc.ca

    Tell them to press the networks to include Elizabeth May.

  6. Visit the Facebook pages of the party leaders, and write on their walls that you want them to demand Elizabeth May be in the debates.
  7. Tweet your outrage! Use the hashtag #EMayIn.
  8. Post about this on Facebook.
  9. Tell your friends and family!