First Green Premier Elected in Germany

OTTAWA - State elections today in Germany saw the Green Party win almost a quarter of the popular vote, coming in just ahead of the Social Democrats in Baden-Württemberg. The two parties will together form a State government, with Winfried Kretschmann becoming the first Green Premier in world history.

“As I run to become the first Green Member of Parliament in Canada, I look to Germany’s first Green Premier as evidence that citizens globally are ready for change, ready for a new type of politician. Greens have been in government for a long time in Germany but are now becoming leaders as the German people realize that the Green message resonates strongly with their values,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

“The elections in Germany also show that a coalition government is not anything radical or evil, it is simply the way that government works, and in a way that ensures the greatest percentage of voters’ intentions are represented,” said May.

All around the world elected Green politicians are represented in national politics:  the United Kingdom elected their federal Green Party leader Caroline Lucas for the first time under a similar “first-past-the-post” system as Canada in 2010 in the riding of Brighton-Pavilion; Australia elected its first Green Member of Parliament to its Lower House in 2010, with the party garnering 13% of the Senate vote; and Greens are found in national parliaments from New Zealand to Germany to Columbia, creating healthier, more diverse democracies with strong voices for sustainable environmental, economic and social policies.