Why your vote DOES count! - Misconceptions about voting

Voting for the Green Party of Canada would be throwing your vote.
One vote out of tens of thousands won’t make a difference.

These are misconceptions and couldn’t be further from the truth. There is no better way to show support for any politician than at the polls. Our member of parliament, Stephen Woodworth won his seat by only 339 votes, which translates into only 2 votes per poll. 2 votes, that’s it! Even closer was the Kitchener Waterloo riding that won by only 17 votes!

Stronger than any monetary donation (not that they aren’t welcome) a vote for the Green Party at the polls sends a clear message to those in power that the Six Pillars, Vision Green and a sustainable future are valued!!! Support for the Green Party was so high in the 40th general election that opposing parties altered their traditional platforms to incorporate Green Party ideals and tried to paint them as red, blue or orange. And you know what? That’s fine, we’re a grass routes party and have phenomenal ideas. But why should you have to settle for only some of our policies?

Financially a vote for the Green Party at the polls also ensures the party receives a quarterly allowance from public funds. Currently this is equal to $1.95 per vote. Though this doesn’t sound like much, it makes a big difference. In Kitchener-Centre, our campaign only spent 68 cents per vote. Theoretically that $1.95 could generate 2 additional votes and we could potentially triple our support. This is plausible because our 2008 election results increased by 35% from the 2006 election, despite a lower voter turnout.

In addition to the per vote allowance Electoral District Associations are eligible to receive a refund for 60% of their election expenses if they capture 10% of the popular vote. John Bithell earned 3818 votes, 8.5% of the popular vote. Cathy MacLellan(Kitchener-Waterloo) and many other Green Party candidates did meet the 10% threshold and the coffers have been replenished giving them a solid head start in the 41st general election!

40th General Election – Per vote spending – Kitchener Centre

Candidate Party Votes % of total Expenses ($) Per vote spending ($)
John Bithell Green Party of Canada 3,823 8.5 2611.69 0.68
Oz Cole-Arnal New Democratic Party 8,122 18.1 26622.12 3.27
Amanda Lamka Independent 215 0.5 NA --
Karen Redman Liberal Party of Canada 16,141 35.9 75745.05 4.69
Martin Suter Communist Party of Canada 127 0.3 NA --
Stephen Woodworth Conservative Party of Canada 16,480 36.7 75291 4.56

NA = Not available