Cradle to Cradle Design

William McDonough is a world renowned architect and author. He believes in Cradle to Cradle Design for communities. Further he believes “we can accomplish great and profitable things within a new conceptual framework—one that values our legacy, honours diversity, and feeds ecosystems and societies . . . It is time for designs that are creative, abundant, prosperous, and intelligent from the start.” This link will take you to a brief 20min TED presentation by William McDonough outlining some of his ideas – Very interesting take a look!

Canada's International Shine is Tarnishing

Canada's international face is changing. Once looked upon as the international good-guy, there are several countries where it is no longer a good idea to put a Canadian flag on your backpack if you go traveling (principally South and Central America) because the environmental and human rights-related practices of Canadian mining companies has been far less than ideal. We have a trophy case full of “Fossil of the Day” awards related to Canada's envoys not only taking contrarian stances on carbon emission targets at various international meetings regarding the Kyoto Protocol, but being downright obstructive during those meetings. Let's not forget the childish behavior of the current government; pouting and pointing the finger at the opposition after losing the vote to receive a seat on the UN Security Council, when it's quite obvious that the current minority government's poor diplomatic performance is to blame.

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

This summer saw the worst oil-spill disaster on record. Congratulations British Petroleum you have single handily destroyed marine wildlife, livelihoods of fishermen, and winter-escape destinations for Canadian Snowbirds! This disaster was not intentional or premeditated. It was avoidable. Rather than point fingers, what have we learned?

Potash and the BHP Takeover

A triumph for Saskatchewan and Canada! Protectionism? Doubtful – Stephen Harper’s government is pro-free trade and an advocate that government should not interfere with business. So what was the motivation to rule against the take-over? The media is now speculating Harper is a push-over. Though as accurately depicted by Rick Mercer’s Election Report Harper is anything but a push-over.

With declining support at the poles and Saskatchewan being a stronghold (13 of 14 MP seats are blue) is the Harper’s government motivation actually being questioned?

The Story of Stuff

Ever wonder where all our stuff comes from? Or how we can buy imported furniture that is fabricated with Canadian wood – yet manufactured shipped to and from the other side of the ocean for less than the Mennonite stuff they make in our own backyard at the St Jacob’s farmers market. Check out this video – it explains it all!

Jan 31st - Our 5 year anniversary

On January 31, 2011, the Green Party of Canada organization in Kitchener-Centre, celebrated its 5th Anniversary. In honour of this milestone all members (past, present and future) were invited to come out and celebrate.

The celebration was an enormous success with 30 people in attendance. We were able to welcome new members to the EDA and visit with the original founding members. A special thanks to candidate Rebecca Harrison for making the trip down from Whitby and delivering a special message of recognition from Elizabeth May for Linette Keller, the dedicated CEO and President of Kitchener-Centre. John Bithell our local candidate took the opportunity to share some inspiring words and vision for our EDA over the balance of this term and into our next election!

Thank-you to all those who made it out and contributed to the events success. A special thanks to Elfie Kalfakis of Lucky Penny Designs for contributing new promotional material and Daniel Beshara of Beshara Photography for contributing photography services throughout the evening.

An informal reception was held;
Monday, January 31, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm at the King Crab Oyster Bar & Grill (907 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, (519) 744-1050) - Appetizers were served for all – while members received a complimentary beverage.  No RSVP was required.

Oct 31, 2010

Kitchener-Centre greens gathered for a writing session! Researching current events and sharing opinions and thought provoking discussion was all part of the activities. For articles written opinions shared check out the admin's blog. 

Aug 31st 2010

Kitchener-Centre greens and friends geared up for a bicycle safety lesson and ride along Kitcheners Iron Horse Trail. After a leisurely ride most participants shared a cool beverage and conversation at Victoria Parks Boat House!

 Did you know a bicycle is a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA). This means that, as a bicyclist, you have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws as other road users. Cyclists charged for disobeying traffic laws will be charged!!!

 5 requirements for being a safe cyclist in Kitchener include:

  1. Helmet
  2. Bell
  3. Reflectors
  4. Light (within half hour of sunset and sunrise)
  5. Break system on the rear tire

 For more information on cycling check out the MTO site cycling site

July 31st 2010

We walked the Iron Horse Trail and some residential streets, took in species we tend to overlook. Lead by a local expert our urban nature hike, taught us a few new plant names and allowed us to appreciate what is in our backyard a little more.

The hike began across the street from the Warren Greenhouses and after two hour of exercise we regrouped in a neighbours’ garden for a tasty summer BBQ.

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